Frontier DNS Services

Store and Forward

We do provide a Store and Forward service for domains we host. There is no charge for this service. Please note that we discourage the use of this service since its use has been deprecated through the inexpensive available of full-time Internet connections (such as Business DSL and faster connections). In the event that your mail server connection is lost, all mail servers on the Internet will continue delivery attempts until connectivity is restored, negating the need for a store-and-forward mail server. The biggest disadvantage of store-and-forward service is the abuse of the service by spam senders because sending through a store-and-forward host will reduce the effectiveness of many anti-spam checks that are done (RBL checks, for instance).

For customers that would like to use this service, an MX record with a higher number/lower priority than the existing MX record will be added to the zone file. E.G.: IN MX 20 Policy requires that Frontier be the primary DNS host for the domains which use the store-and-forward service.

Mail received by the Store and Forward server will be stored for up to seven [7] days.