Frontier DNS Services

Domain Hosting [Primary DNS]

General information on our Domain Hosting service:
  • Customers will need to let their sales representative know that they want Frontier to host their domain. The easiest way for customers to request domain hosting is to e-mail and carbon copy their sales representative. Note that Frontier's DNS Support staff does not have contact information for sales representatives. The customer's sales representative will track the number of hosted domains and bill appropriately.
  • The domain(s) must be owned by the customer (not by the customer's customer or anyone else).
  • Frontier should be the technical contact for any domain we host.
  • To ensure a smooth transfer we need at least two weeks notice for domain transfers.
  • We will host domains for Business Class DSL (BDSL), SDSL and Dedicated Internet and Cyber Center customers.
  • Note that it is the customer's responsibility to change the name server with the Registrar. As a courtesy to our customers we will assist with the changes as requested.

We need to receive the following information from the customer to provide domain hosting.

  • List of domain(s) to be hosted by Frontier (i.e. not WWW.EXAMPLE.COM - which is the host name - but EXAMPLE.COM).
  • Name, e-mail address and phone number for the person(s) authorized to request zone additions/removals/changes regarding the domain.
  • Zone file(s) from the current provider (only required if transferring an existing domain; this does not apply to newly registered domains).
  • Name, phone number and e-mail address of your Frontier sales representative.

After Frontier receives the required information a zone file will be created within 1-2 business days. The customer will be notified when the zone file is set up on Frontier. At this time the name servers and technical contact can be changed with the domain Registrar. These changes typically takes 1-2 days to take effect, but may take longer depending on the volume of requests the Registrar is currently handling. The name servers will need to be updated to the following:

	Name Servers:

The customer will be notified when the domain has completed transferring to Frontier.
FAIR NOTICE: If your domain expires or is put on hold for more than 14 consecutive days, Frontier reserves the right to remove the domain(s) from our configuration.