Frontier DNS Services

Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS service is available for Business Class DSL [BDSL/SDSL] and Dedicated Internet customers. We will need the following information for each domain to be secondaried in order to process a service request for Secondary DNS hosting of customer domain(s).

The Hostmaster/DNS Administrator for the domain(s) in question will need to ensure that the authoritative server(s) for the requested domain(s) have been configured to allow our servers permission to zone transfer the required domain(s).
Our servers are as follows:


The Hostmaster/DNS Administrator for the domain(s) in question will need to ensure that NS records for and and are added to each domain record SOA that is to be secondaried, so that our server can return authoritative replies.
The Administrative or Technical contact for the domain(s) will need to submit Domain Change Requests with the appropriate Domain Registrar to update the nameserver portion of the record for the domain(s) in question to reflect that our servers ( and and are holding Secondary DNS for the domain(s). Until the root server NS records for the domain(s) are updated to include it as an authoritative server, no networks on the internet will know to query them.

FAIR NOTICE: If, for any of the following reasons, your server does not respond with valid zone records for the domains you have requested we secondary for a period of 14 consecutive days, we reserve the right to remove these zones from our configuration and we will stop attempting to secondary them:

  • NO SOA FOUND - your DNS server is not returning a valid SOA record for the domain.
  • NOT AUTHORITATIVE - your DNS server is returning a non-authoritative response for the domain.
  • XFER REJECTED - your DNS server is rejecting our attempts to obtain a valid copy of the domain record.

After we receive notice from the customer that everything is set up on their end we will set up the domain(s) to use Frontier for secondary DNS. The customer will receive confirmation by e-mail when this is completed. It is the customer's responsibility to verify that zone transfers are working properly and contact us with any questions or concerns.